Subdividing Property When Housing Prices Slump Block Splitting Real Estate

Be smart and be active within the current Property Investment Market and research properties that can be split and marketed as two individual properties. Double your profits and Subdivide Your Real Estate. Gone are the days of buying property and banking with nice capital gains. With house prices dropping once again, property investors have to be wary and think smart.

Mark Rolton, CEO of Massland Property Options discusses the Property Investment Strategy of Subdividing Your Backyard and Property Splitting.

Why Subdivide?

Don’t sit around waiting for the next Property Boom to reach it’s time in the cycle. The fact is, while you are waiting, relying on the nature of cyclical real estate trends; others are being more resourceful by expanding and developing their properties. There is an obviously trend in subdividing real estate for a number of reasons, which in turn show the importance of subdividing now.

  • Population projections show a general increase in aged and single person household demographic clusters. This in turn gives rise to a greater need in small, affordable housing in city centres.
  • A combination of growth boundaries and density requirements in cities has put a demand on housing in areas with significant land constraints, for example Sydney. Subdivision simply creates more housing opportunities in a area with a high demand.
  • The increased price of land in recent times, particularly on the fringe of capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, has people subdividing larger properties in anticipation of city growth and contributing to their investment portfolio at the same time.
  • Increased housing prices makes rental markets a great investment opportunity. Subdividing small blocks of land into duplex or apartment blocks is a viable investment alternative with the added incentive of supplying market demand.

The Real Estate University Splitters Series is a fantastic 6 part series that will outline every costing and profit associated with Property Investment and Subdividing your land. Learn how to find these deals in your neighbourhood as well as how to detect market trends and demographic changes.  Mark reveals the secrets of how to buy people’s backyards and to Spot Splitters everywhere! Come with Mark Rolton as he walks through the step by step process of how to split an existing block into two – and profit from both!

Visit to learn more about The Splitters Series, or simply talk to the friendly team at Massland on 1300 882 360.

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